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Choosing a canoe can be overwhelming at best. Making an decision as to which model or what construction is right for you should not be rushed. By understanding that our products are designed and crafted to last for many years, your canoe is not just a weekend toy but part of your family.

We are always available to answer all your questions and give you all the information we can to help you get into the perfect canoe for you. Call 519-742-9800 or email anytime.

Puslinch Lake 14 Is a symmetrical beauty. This is the canoe you want to have for day trips on small lakes, have at the cottage where any level of paddler will feel safe yet have full control. Although beamy for a solo canoe, when loaded for a weekend trip you’ll feel like you are paddling with a partner.

Available in cedar strip, kevlar®, carbon fiber and fibreglass

Speed River 15’ 11” Is an asymmetrical hull, although just shy of a 16 foot canoe the volume of this canoe is outstanding. This being our most popular canoe for weekend trippers, you’ll find that loaded down this canoe can fly across lakes effortlessly.

Available in cedar strip, kevlar®, carbon fiber and fiberglass

Prospector 16’” this symmetrical hull canoe is at home on rivers and converts nicely to a gentle lake tripper. Our Prospector has large entry on the stems to allow for quick release in currents, allowing for great eddy turns and with a quick rise rocker you will surf or ferry easily but still able to track like a dream in calm waters.

Available in Innegra®, kevlar®, carbon fiber and fibreglass

Nith River 17’ 6” this asymmetrical hull canoe is a tripping dream boat. When paddling in large waters adverse conditions this canoe performs. paddlers quickly fall in love with this canoe when stepping up to a larger canoe. Loaded this canoe has so much room left you may want to bring more friends along for your trip.

Available in cedar strip, kevlar®, carbon fiber and fibreglass

Grand Huron 18’ 1.5” this canoe meets the needs of the long distance tripper that wants to feel in control in as if they were paddling a smaller canoe. Very fast tripper and meets the watercraft specifications for expedition races including the worlds longest single day canoe race the “Muskoka River X

Available in kevlar®, carbon fiber and fibreglass

Our Cedar strip canoes are built with attention to details that you can see in everyone we have built. Most of our custom cedar strip canoes are personally designed with input from the customer. We are one of Canada's largest producers of Cedar canoes. With over 300 custom cedar strip canoes leaving our shop in the past few years we are able to build the canoes for your needs.

We don’t just make canoes we help you make memories.

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