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HandCrafted Canoes and HCC BoatWorx

Built with tradition, designed to be paddled

For 11 years HandCrafted canoes and HCC Boatworx have been crafting canoes with your needs in mind. We have pushed our products to become the industries most  sought-after canoes. Whether you are looking for a light and strong Kevlar canoe or have dreamed of owning a beautiful Cedar Strip Canoe, we work to fit you into the canoe for your needs.

    Our infusion resin system and high-tech building facility are exceeding industry standards,

    Using top Nautical Engineers to design our fleet, we are building stable, maneuverable canoes that are effortless to paddle.

For a chance to Win one of our Kevlar Nith River canoes by simply registering and competing in the BIG EAST RIVER X and MUSKOKA RIVER X
Ok maybe not that easy.... but it sure is fun!Nith_River.html
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BBQ Wood Scraper
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