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Are you looking for a great way to pass the time during the winter months

Here is a great way to do that

Shrike build kits

Now available at HCC

The Shrike design Kits are CNC cut and ready to assemble

These Kits have been built and tested for easy assembly by the staff at HCC.

Wood is Okoume 3mm plywood

A standard kit includes

  1. *CNC cut panels to the designers specs

  2. *solid wood components for deck beans and sheer

We also have glass and epoxy kits available

More info on the actual design and history of this great design by Nick And Christopher Crowhurst can be found here


Shrike-R            $700

Shrike Too            $750

Shrike Keyhole    $750

Shipping extra

Call today to place your order


CNC Shrike Kayaks Now Available at
Starting at only $700
Get started building your own Kayak Now
Click Here